Women have always been an integral part of my life.  So it’s no wonder I'm passionate about supporting them.

It’s why I opened my salon – to make each person who comes here feel better about herself.

Together with my staff, we’ve created a comforting, retreat-like atmosphere, where our passion for hair combines with individualized service and undivided attention to make every guest feel not only beautiful, but special.

In addition to the salon, I passionately show my support of women in other ways.

Which is why, inspired by my mother’s strength as a survivor of domestic violence, I created I am gorgeous. This first-ever, all-inclusive premium hair care line puts the power of beauty and self-esteem into a woman’s own hands as she strengthens and nourishes her hair and her soul. 

I strongly believe gorgeous is contagious. Because once a person feels it, everyone else will see it and feel it too.

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George Gonzalez