Women's cut $175
Blow Dry $110
Men's cut $110

Formal Style/Updo $175
Bridal Style Trial $250
Bridal Style day of $300

Women's Cut $115 $95 $80
Blow Dry $75+ $65 $50
Men's Cuts $75+ $65 $50
Child's Cut $65 ages 6-11 $45 ages 1-5

Wash & Blow Dry Starting @ $50
Formal Style/Updo Starting @ $80
Bridal Style trial Starting @ $125
Bridal Style day of Starting @ $150

Single Process Starting @ $80
Single Process w/ pull-through Starting @ $100
Double Process Starting @ $130
Partial Highlights Starting @ $145
Full Highlights Starting @ $180
Base Adjustment w/Color Service $45
Base Adjustment $65
Partial Highlights w/Touch Up Starting @ $195
Full Highlights w/Touch Up Starting @ $225
Balyage, Flamboyage, Ombre (Partial) Starting @ $160
Balyage, Flamboyage, Ombre (Fulll) Starting @ $195
Gloss w/Color Service $30
Gloss $45
Olaplex 1 & 2 $25
Olaplex 1, 2 & 3 $45
Mens Grey Blending Starting @ $50
Corrective Color Quoted upon consultation
Conditioning $20
Kerastase Fusio Instant Treatments $35
Relaxer Starting @ $105
Perms Starting @ $175
Spruzzi Starting @ $300

Brow $35
Brow Tweeze $40
Lip $20
Chin $20
Cheeks $30
Side Burn $20
Nose $35
Full Face $85
Lower Leg $50
Upper Leg $50
Full Leg $85
Basic Bikini $40
Brazillian Bikini $80
Underarm $30
Half arm $30
Full arm $50
Back $70
Stomach $50
Chest $50
Buttocks $50
Small patch $10
Large patch $20
Brow Tint $25
Lash Tint $25

Express $85 (6 pack $425) 30 minutes

The quickest way to brighten up your skin. Work towards getting that baby soft skin back! This facial is ideal for guests who are on the go or need to touch up between monthly visits. The Express Facial is a great quick pick me up. Making your skin look fresh and rejuvenated. Also helps reduce fine lines and hyperpigmentation if done frequently.

Stress Reliever $125 (6pack $600) 60 minutes

Let your skin take you on a vacation! This facial is ideal for guests who are looking for a little rest and relaxation while giving their skin a deep cleanse. Creating a look and feeling of being refreshed. This facial is designed to clean your skin on a deeper level than just your topical layer while making you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. (This facial does not include extractions)

Deep Cleansing $135 (6pack $650) 60 minutes

Let your skin and pores feel like they are kissing the air and breathing for the first time! The facial is ideal for guests looking for a standard deep cleanse of their skin. Standard facials can help prevent aging and work towards repairing issues and troubles happening to the skin. (If looking for extra deep cleanse consider asking to add on *Extended Extractions for a more thorough extracting of your pores than the standard 5-10 minutes included in your session.)

Brightening $180 (6pack $900) 60 minutes

Give your skin that glow you get when you are extremely happy and feel beautiful. This facial is ideal for guests who have dull skin, age spots, fine lines, hyper pigmentation, or want a fresh glow to their skin. This facial is similar to the deep cleansing facial but with a boost for your exfoliation process

Dermaplane $130 (6pack $600) 30 minutes
$180 (6pack $900) 60 minutes

Smooth as a baby is how your skin will feel after this treatment! This facial uses a blade to slough off dead skin cells and “peach fuzz”, leaving you with a fresh vibrant skin surface. This treatment is ideal to help with superficial skincare problems. Best results are seen when treatments are done with regular maintenance and even better if paired with a peel (switch to a “Treatment Facial” for this pairing.)

Light Therapy $180 (6 pack $900) 60 minutes

It’s like setting an alarm clock for your skin to wake up and start rebuilding, repairing, and renewing itself. This is a natural alternative to rebuild your skins natural collagen and elasticity. Light therapy is ideal for mature guests, guests looking to repair the skin on a cellular level, and guests looking for preventative care for damage and aging of the skin. The light therapy facial uses LED light to rebuild and repair your natural collagen and elasticity in the skin to train your skin to keep its youth on its own.

Anti-Gravity Facial $225 (6 pack $1,100) 60 minutes

The lift is like doing Yoga for your face. This facial is ideal for guests looking for a lift! Wanting to prevent and reverse falling in the face. Using the NuFace device that uses a micro current to shorten, lengthen, tone, and train the muscles to lift or prevent them from falling. This facial also includes light therapy to help rebuild the natural collagen and elasticity in the skin. Overall the facial is designed around preventing and reversal of aging.

Treatment $225 (6 pack $1,100) 75minutes

“If I could turn back time!” is what Cher would say. This facial focuses on any and all specific needs to make the necessary changes to your skin. The facial is ideal for guests who are looking for the standard deep cleanse and have 1 or 2 specific things they would like to focus on. The treatment facial includes 2 add on choices, chosen by you or by the expertise of your professional skincare specialist to work towards “turning back time” from effects of damage and again to the skin. (Add on choices-*exfoliation upgrade, *light therapy, *eye treatment, *blemish spot treatment, *nuface lift)

Full Service Customized Facial $250 (6 pack $1,200) 90 minutes

It’s everything you ever wanted! You will know what it feels like to be treated, and look like a star! This facial is ideal for the guest who is looking to make serious changes to their skin. Beyond just getting a deep cleanse, your facial will be customized to work towards making drastic changes in your skin using machines and higher grades of product to transform your skin to meet your personal skin care goals and needs. You and your therapist will discuss

Back Facial $125

This facial is for that hard to reach place that has a tendency to be forgotten, your back! Best for the guest who acquires breakouts, acne, excessive dryness in that hard to reach area, your back.

High grade exfoliation $60


Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment performed using a scalpel to “shave” away the outermost layers of skin. This process is painless and very safe. Not only will you achieve smoother, brighter skin but also helps remove peach fuzz. Despite popular belief, the hair does not grow back thicker.

Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel therapy to reduce or improve wrinkles, blemishes, pigment spots, and sun-damaged areas of the skin. Using a chemical solution to the top skin layers are peeled away, allowing new, smoother skin with tighter cells to occupy the surface.

Light Therapy $50
Lift $50
Eye Treatment $40
Blemish Spot Treatment $40
Extended extractions (15 min added) $40


Chiropractic ART® (Active Release Techniques®) Acupuncture Kinesiology Taping Motion Palpation Technique Functional Movement Screens Massage Therapy Functional Rehabilitation Dry Needling Cupping Graston Nutritional Counseling

Chiropractic care is covered under most insurance plans. Sunil is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and out-of-network with all the other insurance companies such as United Health Care, Aetna, Cigna, etc.

Cash Price is $250 for the first visit, which includes a full detailed assessment and treatment and $120 for every treatment after.